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Starting the Process

Most CF Toronto Eaton Centre office tenants will eventually require some construction work. Whether the project is large or small, certain rules and regulations must be followed, as well as forms and permits completed and approved.

The CF Toronto Eaton Centre's Design and Construction Manual has been prepared to assist our tenants and their consultants and contractors with the task of successfully completing leasehold improvements for existing and new tenancies. Specifically, the manual contains information about design recommendations, technical specifications and general requirements. It also covers all procedures, practices, rules and regulations that must be followed by all participants in the process.

All planned work must be compatible with CF Toronto Eaton Centre's operational and design specifications and approved before commencement.

For general enquiries, contact us at 416-598-8635.

FYI: Standard Permits/Forms Overview:

  • Construction Permit – Must be completed and submitted to the Landlord before work commences.
  • Service Permit – Applies to service contracts between tenants and their contractors. This form permits contractor access to tenant's space to perform work.
  • Freight Elevator Requisition – Required to secure exclusive use of service elevator.
  • Hot Work Permit – Used to notify the Fire and Life Safety department of work requiring the use of propane.
  • Scanning and Coring Work Permit – Used to schedule scanning and coring work; typically for plumbing and electrical floor penetrations.
  • Fire Protection System Work – Permit used to notify the Fire and Life Safety department of work invoving Fire Protection Systems: i.e. sprinkler systems; fire alarms.
  • Power Shutdown Request – Permit required when power shutdown is necessary for electrical tie-ins.

Leasehold Improvement Manual

The Service Providers section of this site will provide you and your contractors, consultants and general service providers with all relevant information, forms and permit documentation needed to get started.  

We look forward to working with you!


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