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The Toronto Eaton Centre Fire and Life Safety Team in tandem with Centre Security is responsible for round-the-clock safety and security of the complex and its office tenants. Toronto Eaton Centre has a Manager of Life Safety, whose responsibility it is to oversee all aspects of Emergency Management and Preparedness and the training of all Security and Life Safety personnel in the critical disciplines of Emergency Response, Building Evacuation, Asset Protection, Tenant Awareness and First Aid/CPR.

The Fire and Life Safety Team is also responsible for the enforcement of building and fire code regulations, Fire Warden Training and all Life Safety programs.

If a medical emergency should arise, first contact 911 and then immediately contact Toronto Eaton Centre Security at 416-598-8547.

Life Safety Highlights FYI:

  • Performance testing of building sysytems, equipment and emergency personnel
  • Fire safety and code compliance through tests, inspections, preventative maintenance and enforcement
  • Development and delivery of emergency response, contingency and recovery plans
  • Awareness training and support  to internal Toronto Eaton Centre departments and our diverse group of office clients
  • Develop and facilitate health and safety training programs

For more Life Safety information, see our Tenant Manual.

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