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Ask anyone from Vancouver, New York or Shanghai. If they’ve been to Toronto, chances are they’ve visited Toronto Eaton Centre. It’s one of a handful of properties that frame and define our city, helping to make Toronto one of the most vibrant and liveable urban areas in the world.

And the Office Properties of Toronto Eaton Centre, with close to 8,000 tenants, make it much more than a shopping centre. With 1.9 million sq. ft. of exceptional modern space, they make it a thriving business community unlike any other. Whether you’re visiting one of our tenants in 20 Queen, 250 Yonge, 1 Dundas or our Galleria offices, we welcome you to our Centre.

If you have any questions while you’re here, just ask one of our Lobby Representatives or visit our Guest Services Desk located on Level 2 of the Centre.

Toronto Eaton Centre Office Properties. Helping to define Toronto.     


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